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National Treatment Referral is a completely free, one stop resource where you can get many of your questions about drug treatment answered with just one phone call. Our mission is to refer you to the best rehab facility for your individual needs whether for yourself or a loved one. Drug and alcohol addiction is not an open topic for many people and this results in a lot of guilt and confusion when a drug problem begins ruining a life. National Treatment Referral is here to ease your mind, answer your questions, and help you find a facility that can help you today.

There are many important questions that you may have that you need answered:

What does a drug rehab treatment center do?
Is there a difference between treatment centers?
What techniques do the best treatment centers use?
What is an intervention and can a treatment center help me with one?
Who is on the staff of a treatment center and are they licensed?
Does the treatment center I choose need to have a doctor on staff?
I've been told to go to a 12-step treatment center, what is that and can you find one?
What is the difference between outpatient and inpatient?
What are the costs involved and does my insurance cover it?
What is relapse prevention?
What if I've been to a treatment center before?
What are the most widely accepted scientifically based approaches and who uses them?
Do I need to know the difference between matrix model treatment and motivational therapy?
What is detox or detoxification and will I need that?

There are many other questions that you may have. If you are required to attend treatment by a judge in a court case, we can make sure you attend an appropriate facility that meets the requirements of the court. Tell us if you prefer individualized treatment or a group setting and we can steer you in the right direction. The best treatment facilities encourage the participation of families in some group sessions especially when treating an adolescent. If this is a need of yours, give us a call.

National Treatment Referral is committed to saving lives of those suffering with drug and alcohol addiction. Give us a call right now for a private consultation or give our number to a friend who needs help. We are here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.



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