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Drug rehab it seems to ignore alcohol but at least one half of the patients at drug rehabs consume alcohol as their primary drug of use. Drug rehab finds that adult clients are usually around 38 and tend to have alcoholic problems whereas younger clients in teens and twenties normally name illicit drugs as their main problem followed by alcohol. Millions of people every year seek treatment at drug rehab and no ethnicity, age or social class is left out. You hear stories every week of Hollywood stars entering drug rehab treatment and you can be assured that they are sitting next to at least a couple average guys who have had very rough times. Drug rehab will work for both the star and the layman equally if they stick with it and take action with what they learn.

Though people are equal in their freedoms and troubles, not all drug rehab facilities are the same. Make sure it offers personalized counseling care from a trained professional who can offer one-on-one treatment. A medical doctor on the premises is another necessity especially if detoxification might be required to ease the pain and physical threat of withdrawal. A professional drug rehab will have a substantial track record of treating a variety of drugs including:

Stimulants: methamphetamines
Cocaine: crack or powder
Opiates: heroin, morphine, and prescription drugs

And of course the number one offender is alcohol. Clients of drug rehab facilities are motivated to get treatment by their families, the legal system and often realize that they cannot do it on their own and seek help for themselves. Drug rehabs offer the perfect refuge from the stress of an addicted life. Keep in mind however that drug rehab is not a vacation, it is serious work looking honestly at problems and being involved in therapy. Look for a drug rehab that balances this hard work with a serene setting that takes full advantage of comfort so clients can focus on their needs.

The primary need is to stop using drugs, suffering the consequences and studies show that those who go through drug rehabs are more victorious in reducing drug abuse and have a higher probability to have jobs. In addition, studies also show that clients who stay in drug rehabs longer can expect better results than others who simply go through detoxification or attend for less than a couple of weeks.

Experts agree that the single most important element of successful treatment is to seek it sooner than later. We discussed how drug addiction is no different than other medical diseases like diabetes. It makes perfect sense to treat diabetes as soon as you're diagnosed with the condition in order to preserve your health. Certainly it would be foolish to ignore diabetes until your circulation is hampered and you had to have a foot amputated. The same holds true with drug addiction. Don't wait until you've lost the family, job, spouse, house, car and if you have lost all these things don't wait until you've lost your life. Drug addiction is a terminal disease that makes no distinction between class, race or gender. Take action and get a referral to a drug rehab right now.


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